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Luxsure Smart Watch Sports Fitness Tracker Review: An Affordable Partner to Staying Healthy

Wearable technology is the current craze because of many reasons like comfort and portability. At this moment, it is considered as one of the fastest growing trends in the world. Thus, geniuses in the industry have created multiple smartwatches that can make your life healthier.

They are the ones that are responsible for providing you with information regarding your heart activity, calorie burnt, steps taken, and sleep quality.

In general, smartwatches are integrated with a touchscreen that displays all the data that you need as well as equipped with traditional watch features like alarm clocks.  They can also be paired with your phone via Bluetooth, and all the data can be accessed on the phone.

Additionally, these can also send notifications when you receive a text, email or even something on Facebook. You just have to charge them and wear them all day long while you carry on your activities.

The good thing is that there are companies that produce cutting-edge and stylish watches that are sold at a price that will not put a hole in your pocket. Luxsure is one such brand, and their latest addition is the Smart Watch Sports Fitness Tracker. Thus, we have decided to review it to check whether it is a worthy investment or not.

Luxsure’s Smart Watch Sports Fitness Tracker

The Luxsure company has noted that the  Smart Watch Sports Fitness Tracker is primarily designed to be robust. Below, you will find all its important features.

Construction and Design:

This product is made from aircraft-grade aluminum materials and incorporated with a 360mAh high-power polymer battery. Likewise, the strap is comfortable enough and is made of non-slip materials so that even if you are moving aggressively, it will stay put on your wrist.

This 1.7 ounces and 1.5 x 1.9 inches watch is also certified with an IP67 waterproof grade, so you can use it while swimming in cold water and taking a cold shower.  It is built with an OLED, TFT LCD touchscreen that has a size of 1.54 inches and display of 240 by 240 pixels and 260,000 colors.


The main feature is its sports tracker that tracks your steps when you walk or run, and it shows you how many calories you have burned in a particular period. Interestingly, if you sit for quite a while, it reminds you to stand up and stretch.

Besides your steps, the watch also monitors your heart rate and shows you your pulse rate in real time. When the heart rate is low or high, it also notifies you.

Additionally, it also does many other things including monitoring your sleep as well as analyzing its quality by collecting data of both your sleeping and waking up patterns. Speaking of waking up, it only vibrates when you need to wake up so that others around you do not get disturbed.

Further, you can pair this watch with smartphones running on at least Android 4.3 and iOS 8 via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

With that in regard, you can see notifications regarding messages, email, and Facebook directly on your wrist. You can even control your phone like playing music, taking pictures, and muting incoming calls and alarms. Losing the product will also not be a hassle since it has an anti-lost mode.


  • It keeps you healthy because it does not just monitor fitness and sleep data but also reminds you to keep moving.
  • Sends important phone notifications
  • Compatible with more than 200 phones
  • Long standby time
  • Looks stylish
  • Lightweight, non-slip, and waterproof
  • Clear display
  • Comes with a user manual and charging cable


  • It cannot be used in hot water.
  • Takes more than two hours to charge

Details on What the Product Can Offer

Smart watches are nothing short of revolutionary on account of their capabilities and the ease they provide us. That is exactly the agenda of Luxsure Sports Fitness Smart Watch; to help you stay fit and make your life easier.

This watch keeps track of your steps, heart rate, and calories burnt. Similarly, it also keeps a check of your pulse and informs you if there is anything off about it as well as monitor your sleep.

Since the product has Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it can be synced with most Android and iOS smartphones that are running recent versions. Through such, you can manage many things on your phone right from your wrist.

In addition, you can also use it as an alarm clock and can surely last long since it is made from high-quality and waterproof materials.

A Comparison with Another Product

There are so many choices now when it comes to smartwatches that it can be mind-boggling which one to go for. However, if you know your needs well, it should not be a problem to find the best one for yourself because all you have to do is find the specific feature that matches your personality, lifestyle, and needs.

Generally speaking, there can be a few differences in features, look, and most importantly, the price of each model and brand available on the market. For instance, the SmartWatch from Cafar differs from Luxsure’s watch because it also keeps track of your blood pressure and measures oxygen blood level at the top of the hour.

Such is very advantageous since you know when to stop exercising or doing an activity.

In addition to that added feature, this watch is a bit thinner and cheaper than the one from Luxsure’s, but there have been complaints regarding the accuracy of its heart rate’s monitoring capabilities. Likewise, the Luxsure manufactured the watch with focus on quality which gives it an edge over Cafar as well as many other similar products from other brands.

Final Verdict

The Luxsure Smart Watch Sports Fitness Tracker is a technologically advanced product that is also great value for money. If you are embarking on a fitness mission this year, this watch might just be the thing you need.

It helps keep track of calories and heart rate and gives you this information in real time, making it possible for you to make the right decisions on the go.

It is a reliable product at the end of the day simply because of its make and design as well as because it notifies you when something is wrong. Lastly, whatever smartphone you may have it will easily pair with it.


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