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What is a Sleep Tracker

One of the most common problems adults are having in our generation today is sleep deprivation. With the amount of responsibilities we have, we seldom disregard the significance of having enough sleep every day.

The way you start your day highly relies on the quality of your rest the night before. If you are either easily distracted, energized, cranky, or focused, it is most probably your sleep’s fault.

According to research, the suggested amount of sleep for adults is between 6-7 hours daily. If you are getting less than this, then you may want to rethink your lifestyle. Here are some reasons why it is important to get enough sleep daily:

  • It can boost your metabolism which means you will burn fat and calories quicker
  • Improves your focus or concentration which is vital when you are driving and when you need to work
  • Decreases your risk of getting a number of diseases such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and stroke
  • It can highly improve your immune system
  • It can positively affect your mood and social interaction
  • Helps you maximize your athletic and other physical performances
  • Improves your productivity and keeps you mentally active throughout the day

How to Improve Sleep

Now that you are aware of the positive effects of having enough sleep, you may be tempted and wondering how you can do it. There are a lot of ways that you can improve your sleep naturally.

One example is to avoid distractions when you are already in bed. Put your phone down, do not listen to upbeat music, and turn the TV off. This will only make your mind active which is not great if you want to really hit the sack.

Another thing you can do is to avoid eating heavy meals right before sleeping. Opt to a light evening snack an hour before your bedtime. It is also a good thing to avoid any sort of food, medicine, or drink that has caffeine. Even a little amount of caffeine in a chocolate bar can affect your sleep.

There is also a research that said that in order to sleep faster, make sure that the room is pitch black. Even minimal lighting coming from an alarm clock can actually cause a distraction.

Another example is to set your sleeping schedule and stick to it. It may be a bit difficult at first but once you have set your “body-clock”, the quality of your life will definitely improve. Lastly, there is a tool you can use to keep yourself motivated at all times and that is a sleep tracker.

Sleep Tracker

So what is a sleep tracker? By the book, a sleep tracker is a device used to record the amount of sleep you get and monitor your sleeping patterns. So why would anyone want that information? Simply, when we become aware of our sleeping habits, we become more motivated to improve it.

You can set goals for yourself as well. Some trackers also provides tips on how to improve your sleep with based off of the information they get. Self-tracking used to be expensive and complicated. It required a lot of different wires that you put on and a bulky machine. But now, you can easily track your activities by using a fitness tracker.

What is a Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a device that allows you to monitor not only your sleep, but also your heart rate, calories burned when doing exercises, count your steps, blood pressure, and so much more. It is a convenient device that is in the form of a wristwatch that you can wear comfortably during your daily runs, at the gym, your yoga session, or even while you are at rest.

It can be connected to your smartphone and other devices through Bluetooth and will let you access your data easily. Knowing all the data a fitness tracker provides will allow you to set goals and get motivated to achieve them. You also get to keep a record of your progress overtime.

Are Sleep Trackers Accurate?

Like any other measuring tool, not one is perfectly accurate. It may have a few inconsistencies depending on what device you are using. Most wearable sleep trackers uses accelerometers to track your sleep activity. It works by tracking your movement to determine whether you are asleep or not. So for those who naturally tosses and turns a lot while sleeping, the device may not be able to give you an accurate record.

It is also good to note that these sort of devices are not certified medical equipment. It is not as accurate as what medical professionals use which ispolysomnography. Unlike wearable sleep trackers, polysomnography tracks your brain activity. You should not solely rely on them if you have any type of sleeping disorder.


Sleep deprivation is a fairly common problem in adults and young adults nowadays. With our access to numerous types of distractions (A.K.A. the internet), increased amount of responsibilities, and our busy work or school schedule, it is no wonder why we forget to allot enough time on sleep.

Getting enough sleep daily has a huge amount of benefits. One example is that it you will be mentally alert and focused throughout the day. You get to be mentally prepared to take on the day without losing your concentration. Another example is that it can boost your immune system.

You can decrease your risks of getting a cold and other diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart dieses. Lastly, enough sleep can also increase your metabolism. So if you are trying to lose weight, aside from doing exercises and going on a diet, make sure that you have a good sleeping habit as well.

Training ourselves to sleep better is not that easy. You may need to have some sort of way to motivate yourself. A good tool to have is a sleep tracker found in most fitness trackers. When we track the number of hours of sleep we are getting every night and our sleeping patterns, we can then have the motivation to improve our sleep.


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