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What Does A Sleep Tracker Do

Getting a good night’s sleep has become elusive nowadays due to our fast paced life, stressful lifestyle, our erratic work schedule, and busy activities. How we long for the good old life of yesteryears.

Life then was much simpler and uncomplicated. Usually, only the fathers, as head of the family work for the family’s financial needs. They work the fields, go to the office which is usually just walking distance or nearby, or tend to their small business.

The mothers, on the other hand, stay at home, keep the house clean, cook meals, wash clothes, and take care of the kids and the home. The kids go to school, help in the house chores when they get back from school, study their lessons, have dinner, and put to sleep by their mothers. Life then was laidback and almost stress-free.

Fast forward to today and what do we have? We aim to get at least the required 7-8 hours of shut time but due to the complicated and stressful life that we now lead, we end up feeling tired and sluggish due to the poor sleep we are getting every night.

Something’s got to give so to speak in order to have an improved quality and quantity of our sleep. What then can we do to achieve that? Some people try to be in bed before 10pm, read a good book, drink a glass warm of milk, make comfy beddings and linens, and even count a hundred sheep. Improving your sleep is not that easy, not in a snap really.

We sometimes need a nudge here and there to help us achieve our goal.  There’s an actual gadget used by fitness enthusiasts that can track, not only the steps you have made, the calories burned, the kilometers you have walked, but it can also track your sleep.

What Is A Sleep Tracker And What Does It Do?

A sleep tracker is a way of monitoring how many hours of sleep you get every night. It can also monitor your sleep activity whether you are in deep or light sleep, or REM.

These information are helpful because you can use it as a basis on how you can improve your sleeping habits. It can give you that nudge you need to finally fix your sleeping schedule. Sleep trackers work by monitoring the movements we make while we sleep.

If you are constantly tossing and turning while sleeping, the sleep tracker would record that you are either restless, awake, or sleeping lightly. They subtract the amount of time they detect that you are awake to the total number of hours that you are asleep.

Before, we can only track our sleep with the use of professional medical devices which are not really available for home use. These professional medical devices uses polysomnography which monitors your brain activity and are usually complicated and bulky. But now, sleep tracking has been integrated on a number of devices like fitness trackers.

A fitness tracker is a must-have for anyone who aims to have a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it tracks your sleep activity but it also monitors your heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken, blood oxygen levels, and much more. Fitness trackers works by using accelerometers which can detect movement in a person.It is a very convenient device that can be worn as how you would with a watch.

They are comfortable enough to be equipped while exercising or at rest. The data recorded by your fitness tracker can easily be accessed through the free app that comes with it. In there you can check the amount of sleep you had that night, compare your previous results, and view your progress.

What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Sleep deprivation is not pretty. You become cranky which can high affect your social interaction. It can also affect your mental state as it will become harder for you to concentrate on certain tasks at work and most especially when you are driving. As a matter of fact, sleep deprived people have higher chances of getting into car accidents.

Sleep deprivation can also decrease your immune system which gives you a higher risk of getting diseases like a cold, heart problems, type 2 diabetes, and so much more. Last example of the negative effects of sleep deprivation is impaired memory. You will have troubles remembering certain things and process new information.


We all wish to have a good quality and quantity of sleep every single night. Who wouldn’t trade something valuable just to have that precious slumber each night, right?  Who would not want to wake up refreshed, invigorated and ready to conquer the world each morning when we wake up?

Ready to face the challenges that each day brings as we head out our door, to go to work, to school, to our business and offices. Sadly, with today’s fast paced life, stressful circumstances and hurried activities, our sleep takes a toll and often times, we don’t get the required number of sleeping hours each night.

There are ways to help us improve our sleep. We can have a good night sleep by taking a warm bath or a quick shower before hitting the sack. Wear comfortable sleep wear. Make our beds and linens clean and fresh smelling. We can read our favorite book, or the bible and pray.

There are actually a lot of ways we can help ourselves to have a sound sleep.  It if you have tried just about anything and doesn’t work, you can try using the sleep tracker for a more scientific gauge of just how much sleep we are getting and if found insufficient, we try do other things till we get to what works for ourselves and our body.

So think carefully and ask yourself if you really want to have a healthier sleeping lifestyle. If the answer is “yes”, then purchasing a sleep tracking device may just be the solution for you.