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TOWABO E3S Fitness Tracker review

The use of fitness and health devices which can be worn as an accessory has rapidly increased lately. This means that sales of this devices are expected to grow also.

A lot of these fitness devices have features which make them capable of keeping track of the distance you travel, the number of steps you take, the number of calories you burn in a day, and they can also monitor your heart rate. These are some of the major reasons why these devices are becoming popular.

Another interesting function they can perform is identifying the details of your sleep pattern. With this data, you are able to set goals and set a time you should go to sleep to get the required amount of sleep.

For anyone who wants to keep an eye on fitness levels and also track sleep patterns, you will need to get one of these fitness trackers. If you wish to get one which tracks both fitness, sleep and your heart rate, then the TOWABO E3S fitness tracker is a good pick for you.

There are features on this tracker which makes it amazing;


The TOWABO E3S fitness tracker offers a lot of diverse functionalities to its user. It has a Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to connect the device to your Smartphones. Connecting to Smartphones also allows you get notifications about incoming calls, and messages. You can also receive notifications from your social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook.

The device also monitors your heart rate, the number of calories you burned in a day, the number of steps you have taken and also distance covered at any given time. The display screen will automatically come on anytime you turn your wrist to your face.

With its “HPlus Watch” app, you can connect the device to Android and iOS devices.

Battery life

The E3S comes with a long lasting rechargeable battery. The battery is charged using a USB adapter and takes up to 1 hour to get a full charge.

Under operating conditions, the battery can provide up to 3 days operating period. On standby mode after stopping a major number of its functions, you can get up to 7 days usage or even more.


The device is compatible with both Android operating system and iOS. When connected to a smartphone, you can get notifications on messages and calls. If you wish, you can also receive notifications from your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Wechat.

This notification comes with a vibration for you to know when it comes in. It connects to smartphones via a Bluetooth and also has its support app, the “HPlus Watch.”


The device sports an OLED display with multi touch capacity. It displays time, date and screen also automatically lights up when you turn your wrist towards yourself. This is known as the smart light up function.


The device is capable of tracking your steps, your distance and also periods of inactivity. It reminds you when you have stayed for too long without any movement with its in-built sedimentary alarm.

There is also a display for the number of steps you have taken either walking, jogging or running. Distance covered during this period is also covered. To top this off, there is also a function to monitor the number of calories you burn during any fitness routine or your daily routine.

Heart rate monitoring

Monitoring your heart rate is very important for a healthy body. The TOWABO comes with a heart rate monitor for this function. You can set the device to start monitoring your heart rate at any point.

Sleep tracking

The device like most of the latest fitness devices is capable of monitoring your sleep patterns. It records the amount of sleep you get and also indicate periods when you did not get enough rest. If you wake up feeling tired even after a long rest, the tracker will indicate at what points you may have been tossing and turning in excess.


  • It serves as both a fitness and sleep tracker
  • It has a heart rate monitor
  • It has vibrations along with notifications
  • Uses waterproof material
  • It is made of durable material
  • It is compatible with different smartphone operating systems
  • It does not need a USB cable to charge


  • Difficult to see the display in sunlight
  • It does not have a GPS functionality
  • Heart rate readings are not always accurate
  • It’s hard to get help from customer service


The TOWABO E3S is overall a good device with lots of functions. Having a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker also makes it a handy device. The device can be connected to smartphones with a dedicated app which can be downloaded by scanning a QR code and easily installed.

Built with durable materials, the device can withstand some harsh conditions and lasts a long period. It also comes with a long lasting rechargeable battery, so you don’t always have to worry about battery life.


A device which comes close to the TOWABO E3S is the Aeifond smart bracelet. Although they have a lot of similar functions, the E3S is a better alternative to the Aeifond smart bracelet.

One of the major advantage the E3S has over the Aeifond is the heart rate monitor. Although both devices share a lot of similarities, the Aeifond does not come with a heart rate monitor putting the E3S above it. The heart rate monitor is an essential feature if you wish to monitor your results accurately.


The TOWABO E3S is an excellent fitness tracker which you can use in performing daily activities either fitness related or work. Its design allows it to be used under any condition without any problems. Its light design also lets you wear it to bed without causing any discomfort during the night.

Water resistant material means you can use it while sweating and under the rain. Its touch screen display also makes it easy for you to transition from one function to the other on the device. Without a doubt, this is a fitness tracker that is certain to meet your requirements.


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