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Tihon Sports Wristband Review

The Tihon Sports Wristband is a fitness tracker that will help you achieve a more active and healthier lifestyle. It provides information as it monitors your steps, distance, and calories burned while walking, running, and doing other exercises.

It is also designed to wirelessly monitor your heart rate every 15 minutes automatically. To see your heart rate, you should sync it to the app where it will show your test data.

Aside from this, the wristband is also good at monitoring sleep. It can detect how long you sleep as well as how long your deep sleep is. While at slumber, the wristband will also detect the average heart rate automatically.

With the information that you will gather, you are sure to improve your lifestyle. You may also use the Tihon Sports Wristband as your alarm clock for waking up in the morning or as an alert for your other activities.

Other functions include the Sedentary reminder app, GPS positioning, call and messages reminder, SNS reminder, and Anti-Lost. It even has a remote control feature that allows you to take group photos easily.

All these can be viewed on the OLED screen with exclusive touch key. Lastly, you can sync your sports wristband with Android and iOS smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0.


  • A multifunctional sports wristband and fitness tracker
  • Lightweight and wearable with band made of rubberized silicon
  • Features a .0.91 inch OLED screen for information watching with exclusive touch key
  • Functions as a pedometer. heart rate monitor, and a sleep tracker for better health monitoring
  • Monitors heart rate wirelessly and automatically every 15 minutes
  • Tracks steps, distance covered, and calories burned
  • Features a camera remote control, good for taking group photos
  • Features applications such as Anti-Lost, and Sedentary Reminder
  • Alerts users of incoming calls, SMS text, and SNS messages from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Messenger
  • Monitors sleep, including deep sleep hours, light sleep hours, average heart rate, and history sleep data
  • Allows setting of different types of alarms for different types of activities
  • Vibrates to wake you up or remind you to do an activity
  • Syncs with other devices such as iPhone and Android that supports Bluetooth 4.0
  • Includes free shipping


You might have never heard about Tihon and the company’s sports wristband, but it is sure to capture your interest, especially if you are looking for an affordable fitness tracker.

The Tihon Sports Wristband is a good-looking product with lots of promising features you will also find in the leading brands.

What will make you choose this one? The answer is its affordable price. With its tag price and quality, it is not new to find the brand in the list of the best fitness tracker under $40.

In terms of appearance, the wristband looks to be well-built with an elegant design that can match expensive ones. The wrist is made of rubberized silicon, which is flexible, lightweight and easy to wear.

Adding to its appeal is the piano gloss black finish. Meanwhile, the smart wristband has an OLED display that shows your information. The display has exclusive touch key that is sensitive enough for you to navigate through apps and settings easily.

This sports wristband is designed to track your activities such as the number of steps or distance you covered while running or walking.

Aside from this, it also able to count the calories you burned in a day. While you sleep, wear this wristband to monitor the quality of your sleep and heart rate.

Since this beautiful, smart wristband is something you would wear the entire day, the company added features for your daily activities.

Through different apps, you can sync your wristband to your smartphone, get notifications from your SNS, receive alerts for incoming calls, as well as monitor your heart rate.


Though the product has good features, it still falls short of becoming the best fitness tracker or sleep tracker among many others. There are several complaints that are hard to ignore, especially if you are someone who really needs this kind of gadget.

One of the most common complaints about the product is its accuracy. According to some reviews, the automatic function for monitoring sleep is not accurate that it turned on even during active times.

It poses questions about whether or not the step counter and other tracking applications are accurate, too. Aside from these, there are also people complaining about defective items, which only last for weeks.


Despite negative reviews, the Tihon Sports Wristband is still a decent choice. It might not be as great as the leading brands, but for its price, it’s good. For all the features it has, the best one would be the heart monitor since there are no complaints about it from Amazon.

But if you bought this for tracking your fitness and monitoring your sleep, maybe you should invest in more known brands on the market. However, they are sure to be more expensive than this one.