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Nokia Steel: The Wonders of Wearable Technology

Believe it or not, the first smartwatch was introduced in 1982. Yes, over three decades ago, even before the advent of smartphones or seamless connectivity. The thing about life is that it creeps up on you in a way that it leaves you utterly baffled. Most of us were born into a completely different age – an age where there were no smartphones or perpetual connectivity and so on.

The rate at which technology has progressed has dramatically altered our society in such a profound way that it can be difficult to pin down the emotional responses that are evoked upon pondering the profundity of the change. These changes not only influence our lifestyle but also significantly change the way we perceive the world and socialize with each other. It also has far deeper consequences to life, health and well-being than we can imagine.

We can call it the wonder of wearable technology but we all know we are just limiting our imagination here. For all we know, wearable technology isn’t the next driver of technology. But let’s get back to reality and take a look at some of the wonders of wearable tech.

Wonders of Wearable Tech

Smartwatches offer a glimpse into a truly hands-free user experience. Though still far from it, we are inching closer to a new technological breakthrough one step at a time. Instead of constantly whipping our phones, all we have to do is pull our hand up. Instead of typing into a screen, we could just speak into our watches.

They are our personal assistant on our wrist wherein all our vital information are analyzed and sifted through. It simplifies every little thing and makes us even more productive and efficient than we already are.

Now let’s move onto personalized information. Wearable tech can constantly monitor and retrieve different physiological parameters of its users, providing real-time information on our physical health and other vital information. All of this also acts as a gateway to the world of internet of things.

Even though right now we don’t see smartwatches as anything more than a simple convenience, it does have the potential to control the physical world around us. That is the vision behind the internet of things- a truly interconnected world. And, smartwatches can become the key to controlling the physical world around us.

With that in regard, let us now look at Nokia Steel, a smartwatch, and see how it stands out among the full range of smartwatches available to us.

Nokia Steel: A Detailed Look


The Nokia Steel smartwatch is a gorgeous piece of hardware that offers 24/7 activity and sleep tracking capabilities. The smartwatch is marketed as a health-oriented smartwatch, but it offers far more than just activity and sleep tracking. We will go over all of its features but since it is marketed as a health-oriented smartwatch, let’s take a look at its activity tracking features.

Since we are wearing the watch literally 24/7, in order to track our sleeping patterns, the watch generates considerably insightful information on our physical habits and patterns of activity. All of this information creates a sense of personal accountability, especially if we share all of our physical activity data on social media.

That is because it nurtures a form of healthy competition on being physically active. That encourages us to walk more than we did yesterday or run faster than we did a day before.

Since all of the data collected is on our individual habits, the goals that are created to motivate us to do more are also individually tailored to our specific needs and situation. It doesn’t matter if you are fit or not, your goal would be to beat your previous best, whether that is running five miles or taking 50 more steps. As long as we keep pushing ourselves, we are bound to improve ourselves.

The smartwatch also tracks sleep, allowing us to determine if we are getting enough deep sleep or not. The mere fact that we can’t claim ignorance means we can make the necessary changes in our lifestyle to get better and restful sleep.


  • Nonstop monitoring of our physical activity and sleeping patterns.
  • The watch does not require charging and has a life of up to eight months.
  • No charging means, no interruptions from tracking our physical activity.
  • Despite its utility, it’s a gorgeous watch.


  • It is available in only two dial colors with no options for the band.
  • Basic water resistance means it can’t be used for extensive swimming sessions.


Unlike most smartwatches, the Nokia Steel smartwatch redefines simplicity with its minimalist design. But despite its minimalist design, it is quite heavy in terms of the features it offers. Not only is the watch about the number of things it offers but rather how it uses incentives to encourage its users to live more active and healthier lives.

Aside from all of its activity and sleep tracking features, it offers a truly hands-free experience and slowly works towards eliminating the need to regularly fiddle with our phones.


Withings Activite Pop is another smartwatch that is quite similar to the Nokia Steel. Even in terms of the design Withings is quite similar. However, upon closer inspection, Nokia Steel is by far the better-looking watch. Both watches offer eight months of battery life without the need for charging.

Withings also provide similar activity and sleep tracking features. However, the app for analyzing the information is significantly lacking compared to Nokia Steel.


As you can see from all of the information we’ve covered throughout the article, Nokia Steel is an obvious choice. Not only does it look amazing, it’s OS is far superior to Withings Activite Pop. And, since we’re talking about smartwatches, the operating system is a huge part of the smartwatch experience. So, if you’re out looking for a new smartwatch, we’d recommend you give the Nokia Steel a look.


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