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NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker Review: Stay Fit and Healthy

We are all well aware how with the progress in technology and scientific understanding increased the emphasis on physical activity and fitness. Since it is scientifically proven that a physically fit person is capable of living his or her life to its fullest extent, people who stay fit and healthy physically and mentally are less prone to medical conditions.

But transitioning your lifestyle into a healthy one doesn’t just happen overnight. People who decide to get fit need to incorporate a regular exercise routine in their life, eat healthily, avoid smoking, along with getting the adequate amount of rest.

Eliminating certain bad habits and replacing them with healthy ones like getting enough sunshine rather than staying home, going on runs every day, etc. helps the body to remain fit and even get stronger.

Despite understanding this basic premise, we tend to get derailed from our routine that we have set for ourselves from time to time. Who isn’t guilty of munching on that chocolate cake that is somehow always there when you open the fridge.

Or skipping that one workout session only never to get back to it? Or paying special attention to the total amount of sleep we get? Right?

Well if you’re one of those people then the fitness tracker was made just for you. It will not only remind you to be more active, but it will evoke the competitor inside of you. It will allow you to set new goals and strive towards them. It is the perfect workout partner anyone could ask for.

So let’s get right to it and take a look at what NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker offers.

NewYouDirect Fitness Direct


NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker is a state-of-the-art activity and sleep tracking band. It offers a number of fantastic new features that can help enhance the quality of your workouts and sleep. The fitness tracker is more than just a basic step counter; it is a 24/7 wellness device.

It has a heart rate monitor.

It comes with a heart rate monitor, which means it records your real-time heart rate monitor, average heart rate, max heart rate, etc. It extrapolates the data collected and comes up with a graph which shows your heart rate routine, especially when you’re working out. It even collects silent heart rate every five minutes on the graph as well.

It counts your steps.

It also comes with a count function which counts your steps, calories burnt, distance traveled and time spent being active. If you’re straying from your healthy eating habits, then the fitness band will be sure to let you know how much calories you have consumed, helping you keep track of the total calories and the amount of food you consume.

And if you’re regular at missing your daily jog then this fitness tracker will most definitely let you know that you’ve been sedentary for too long.

It functions as a sleep tracker.

The fitness tracker also doubles as a sleep tracker. It automatically tracks the quality of your sleep. So if you’re one of those people who just can’t seem to get your sleeping routine on track either because you sleep too much or too less, then this fitness tracker will help you get back on track.

It records your daily activities.

This fitness tracker also records your daily activities, everything from where you started off your day (literally, thanks to its built-in GPS system) and when you’ve ended it. You can also get SMS, email, call and alarm notifications directly on the fitness tracker. Talk about convenience.

It has a mobile app.

This fitness tracker also comes with many of the features of a high-quality smartwatch. It has a one year guarantee. A 0.96” OLED touchscreen, which is bright enough for you to read the text easily in daylight as well as the night time.

This fitness tracker has its own highly intuitive mobile app, called “veryFitPro.” You can download the app from either the app store or Google Play.

It also comes with four customizable clock faces for the user to choose from. So the layout of the watch can be customized according to the user’s liking.

It also has multiple personalized modes for different types of physical activities including sports.This means that you can map the movement path precisely on the app as soon as it is connected to your smartphone.

The app is compatible with Android 4.4 and above & IOS 7.1 and above. You can also sync your activity tracker with an iPad or an iPod etc.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Has its own free app


  • It does not have music control like most other fitness bands.
  • Doesn’t come with its own charging cable
  • Its menu is not customizable.


So in short, this fitness tracker comes with a variety of exciting features that can definitely help you in your fitness goals. It records our total calories burnt throughout the day and also tracks the quality of our sleep.

It also records our daily physical activities and will give us reminders if we haven’t had enough physical exercise throughout the day.

It has an amazing app that makes analyzing all of the data quite fun. All of the data is collected and presented on a visually appealing graph that is easy to read and understand.


Let’s take a look at another fitness band and do a little comparative analysis. We will look at Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch, which is similar enough for us to make an accurate and meaningful comparison between the two products.

Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch comes with a whole lot of features such as cardio fitness score, sedentary alert, incoming call notifications and more. It allows us to track each and every step we’ve taken throughout the day and reminds us to be more active.

It, however, does not have a key feature which in our opinion is a huge disappointment. It does not have a heart-rate monitor which is a crucial part of a complete fitness tracker.

Other than this one little setback, it is an excellent fitness band, one that will help you become more active and down the path towards healthy living.


Just the fact that Wesoo K1 Fitness Tracker does not have a heart-rate monitor disqualifies it as a complete activity and sleep tracker. There are other aspects of the fitness tracker where it excels, but an heart-rate monitor is a must.

Due to this, we have no choice but to proclaim NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker as the superior fitness band.


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