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Lintelek Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Review

Today, fitness trackers in the market can do so much more than tracking basic steps. Instead, this activity band is capable of tracking your heart rate around the clock.

Furthermore, it can also track your sleeping activities and provide warnings based on the data they collect. A lot of people trying to find the right fitness band for them but don’t know where to start looking.

In fact, the right fitness band for you is highly dependent on your needs and the level of activeness for your lifestyle. If you are someone who wants to search for a reliable sleep tracker or step counting, there are different fitness trackers available in the market for you.

However, there are also people who are searching for more advanced features in a fitness trackers such as a GPS for running and advanced heart rate data.

The good news is the Lintelek Fitness Tracker can help you to monitor your activity and health better. It has a high level of the accuracy which can help you to measure your vitals, and it can improve the quality of your sleep and your step count one day at a time.

With so many fitness trackers in the market, the Lintelek Fitness Tracker can do a pretty good job at helping you to track the necessary information to improve your life.


The Lintelek Fitness Tracker can help you to monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day. Simply place it on your wrist, and you will get a 24 hours access to the statistics of your heart rate. Using this information, you can identify appropriate workouts for you by analyzing the heart rate dynamics during different times of the day.

You can also reduce your dependency on your smartphone because it can perform several functions that the smartphone can do. For example, it can forecast the weather for you.

When you are working out, you can use the fitness tracker to control the music player app on your smartphone. As it can track your heart rate, it will alert you to start doing some exercises if you sit for too long.

The fitness tracker is also a great device to have because it can remind you to do your exercises frequently because you can set your alarm to alert you throughout the day. If you suffer from anxiety attacks, this fitness bracelet that can help you to relax because it helps you to guide your breathing and find moments of calmness.

Any text messages that you receive can also be read using the fitness tracker. When receiving calls, you can use the fitness tracker to hang up on the call.

To further enhance your exercising routines, it has a GPS tracking mode which allows you to track your sports route. If you’re someone who likes to take pictures, this fitness tracker will help you to take a stealthy because it functions as a remote camera shooting.


  • Reduce dependency on your phone
  • Can forecast the weather
  • Improve workout experience
  • 24 hours access to heart rate monitor
  • Improve commitment to a healthy lifestyle through alerts
  • Inbuilt GPS tracking
  • Water resistant
  • Monitor sleeping quality
  • Can map out your workout route
  • A wide compatibility
  • Full touch screen watch


  • Not adequate for advanced functions
  • Cannot track steps well
  • Difficult to change settings
  • Does not sync to mobile app well
  • Manual is difficult to read
  • App can be inconvenient


Selecting the right fitness tracker can be a difficult task. With the Lintelek Fitness Tracker, you can easily have access to different features that many other fitness trackers in the market cannot do.

It can help you to improve your lifestyle because it helps to alert you when you have been idle for too long. If you are headed out, you can use the fitness tracker to check the weather and set the alarm for you to exercise.

During moments of distress, you can use this fitness tracker to help you relax because it can help to guide your breathing and find moments of commerce throughout the day. On a day-to-day basis, it can help you to achieve different functions, which includes its use as a remote camera shooting, receiving SMS or call alerts and a smart sleep monitor.

Your overall lifestyle and sleep quality can be improved because it can constantly remind you to exercise and to relax.


The Antimi Fitness Tracker is also a fitness tracker available in the market. Among its features include the pedometer, calories burned, SMS, call reminders as well as a sleep monitor. Similar to the Lintelek Fitness Tracker, it also has a sleek design, which enables you to wear it proudly.

Furthermore, the whole display of the Antimi Fitness Tracker can be pulled out from the band. It also functions as a USB stick, which you can use to charge the built-in battery for the fitness tracker watch.

However, this fitness has bands that can easily decolorize and its manual are difficult to read. The application integrated with the use of the fitness Tracker is also faulty at times.


With different types of fitness trackers in the market today, it is essential for you to find the right fitness tracker for your lifestyle needs. The Lintelek Fitness Tracker is an excellent way for you to have a quick glance at your daily physical performance and it can also encourage you to do so much more.

It is essential to note that the Lintelek Fitness Tracker is optimised for the use of beginners.

If you are advanced users searching for more functions, you will find that this fitness tracker will not come up to par. However, it is still a great device because it helps you to have an overview of your fitness and identify areas where you can improve your lifestyle.

Overall, the Lintelek Fitness Tracker is a great choice for you because it has different functionalities that can help you to improve your life one day at a time.


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