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Letscom ID101HR review

When you need an accurate, detailed records of your daily activities and performance, using a fitness tracker is the best way to achieve this. Similar to how you monitor your pulse by placing a finger, the fitness tracker continually performs this function.

You can get information on how many steps you take in a day, the quality of your sleep at night and also assess your vitals.

A closer look at the market for fitness bands shows that there are lots of great devices available for simple analysis of activities. This article provides an insight into the best fitness device for your needs.

The Letscom ID101HR is a fitness tracker with the capacity to monitor your heart rate 24/7, record the distance you travel, the number of steps you take and your calories. It also has a unique app designed to work on the Android OS and iOS.

For users with the iOS, you can connect to the Apple fit while there is also the Google health for Android users. The OLED display also has a touch sensitivity, and the fit band is of great quality.

Here is a list of some of the great features of the Letscom ID101HR


The fitness tracker comes with a lot of functions as it lets you keep track of calories, the number of steps taken, heart rate, and distance traveled, quality of sleep at night.

It also has additional features such as the notifications settings, alert to signal when you have been inactive or sitting for too long, locate phone functionality and more.

With its OLED screen measuring 0.91”, it is easy to monitor your steps and also display the time.

Synchronizing with your phone and connecting to your GPS gives an accurate display of distance traveled. You can also view your messages and call notifications on the device screen.

Heart rate (HR) monitoring

The Letscom ID101HR uses the Silicon Labs Si1142 HR sensor to provide a more reliable heart rate reading. With HR data and charts, you can have a better idea of your fitness condition and also get the most out of your workout routines.

By setting goals, you can monitor how much calories you have burned while keeping a healthy body. Downloading the LETSFIT app also plays an important role.


The device comes with a long lasting which can work up to 4 days under usage. It can last between 7 and 10 days on standby mode.

The tracker can also be removed from the strap anytime it needs to be charged. It requires a 5V/1.0A USB power supply to charge its polymer rechargeable battery.

Synchronization and connectivity

With its Bluetooth 4.0, the tracker can synchronize and connect to your smartphone. By syncing with your smartphone GPS, you can plot your workout route and also know how many steps and how far you have moved in real time. Notifications on messages and calls from your phone can also be viewed on the tracker display.

This helps to prevent you from taking out your phone unnecessarily and works with iOS and Android devices. It does not synchronize or connect to tablets, iPads or PCs.


Another amazing feature of the Letscom ID101HR is its 0.91” OLED display. With its multi touch feature, by touching or sliding your finger over the screen, you get to control the tracker to your taste. You can set a display clock, read messages, and monitor your steps and heart rate.


  • The is a vibration alert for incoming phone calls
  • Alarms to wake you up from naps or in the morning
  • Allows you to read messages on the screen
  • It has a fitness app for more functionality
  • It can track steps, sleep, heart rate and distance
  • You can use it in controlling your music on your smartphone
  • It alerts you when the distance between the tracker and your smartphone gets too wide


  • It does not come with a charger
  • It may require the LETSFIT app to pair with some devices
  • It doesn’t keep records of sleep during the daytime
  • The waterproof material is only suitable for rain and splash but not for swimming or taking a shower


The LetscomID101HR comes with some remarkable features like a calorie counter and heart rate monitor. It also tracks steps taken and can also track distance covered while walking, jogging or running.

Connecting the device to your smartphone also makes it comfortable to read messages on the device and also get notifications on phone calls without having to bring out your phone.

The tracker is also light and very comfortable to sleep with it on your wrist. Its long lasting battery gives you confidence and puts your mind at ease during use of the device.


The Letscom ID101HR provides some great features for its user and is also quite durable in its build. Another similar device is the Felis ID115 which offers some similar features.

When compared to this device, the Letscom ID101HR offers some outstanding advantages. It comes with a battery rated at 60mAh compared to the 50mAh of the Felis ID115.

This means that its battery is capable of lasting longer than that of the Felis ID115. This is with an estimated 1 hour charge time on both devices.

The Letscom also has a wider display with its 0.91” display compared to the 0.86” display of the Felis. This means the clearer the display on the Letscom fitness tracker.


If you are in need of a fitness tracker which offers a lot of functionality, the Letscom ID101HR provides a lot of great functionalities. Its long lasting battery also makes it suitable for use without worrying about it going off. It offers lots of other amazing features like the heart rate monitor, an OLED touch screen display, and smartphone connectivity.

It is also very light, and its water resistant material allows users to utilize the device under in the rain. It is also aesthetically appealing making it a popular fitness tracker.


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