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Hotop668Smart BandFitness Tracker Activity Wristband HR SPO2 Review

Sleep trackers are a great way for us to improve our sleep. Seeing how many hours of sleep you get every night can motivate you to increase or decrease it so that you always feel energized every time you wake up in the morning. Here are some reason why you should get a sleep tracker:

  • You get to record how much sleep you are getting every night
  • It also makes you aware of the quality of sleep you are getting


The Hotop668 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Activity Wristband HR SPO2 is an excellent choice if you want to have a healthy sleeping lifestyle. It can track all the information you need to improve your sleep. It has a lot of features that anyone would want to have in a tracker. Here is a list of its awesome features:

  • Tracks Multiple Actions: Sleep, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels, Steps, Blood Pressure, and Calories Burnt
  • Push Notifications: Calls and SMS, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Wechat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social network sites
  • Free App: you can check your progress by downloading the free app “Wearfit 2.0” available on Google Play and App Store or by scanning the QR code
  • GPS: this can let you track the distance you run and visually see it on the map
  • IP67 Water Resistant: lets you safely use the tracker even when you are sweating, going swimming, washing your hands, or when it is raining


The Hotop668 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Activity Wristband HR SPO2 works with most Android and iOS smartphones as long as it has Bluetooth 4.0. Once you get a hold of this fitness tracker, download the app “Wearfit 2.0” which you can find on Google Play or App Store.

Another way to get the app is by scanning the QR code.Once you have downloaded the free app, connect your watch to your phone and toggle with the settings. The app and the watch are pretty simple to use. It also includes a manual on how you can use the different features on this fitness tracker.

This watch is also water resistant with a grade if IP67. This allows you to safely use it even when you are swimming, sweating, and washing your hands.

However, its water resistant function has its limitations. You should not use this fitness tracker when you are going diving. It is also not advisable to swim for prolonged periods of time. Lastly, it is not advisable for it to be in hot water as it can break.


This fitness tracker is definitely a great buy. Using this will give you the information needed to improve your sleep. However, like in any other product, it has its downsides.

One downside is that some of the information it records are not that accurate at times. It can sometimes be lower or higher than actual especially when it comes to calorie counts, heart rate, and blood pressure. Another downside of the Hotop668 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Activity Wristband HR SPO2 is that it randomly turns off or disconnect to the app when being used.

No product is perfect and it is also good to note that every person has their own unique experiences. The negative features stated above does not necessarily apply to everyone so do not be discouraged to buy this product.

Other Reviews

The Hotop668 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Activity Wristband HR SPO2 has a lot of reviews which are mostly positive. What most people love about it is that it has an elegant and simple design. You can easily match it with your outfit on a daily basis.

People also loves how responsive customer support is. Another thing people rave about this fitness tracker is that it is incredibly cheap despite of its quality. It also works as well as other fitness trackers from expensive and well-known brands. On the other hand, some complained that the instruction manual that comes with the package is not that easy to understand.

Possible Alternatives

If you feel as though the Hotop668 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Activity Wristband HR SPO2 is not what you are looking for, then here are some alternatives. First is the LEMFO Fitness Tracker.

This fitness tracker has received a lot of great feedback from its users. It also has a unique and elegant design which is not that common in other fitness trackers. This also has an option to track different types of exercises such as sit-ups, jumping jacks, rowing, treadmill, cycling and more. Another good alternative is the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker.

This brand of fitness tracker is has to be the most popular one available in the market. This high-end fitness tracker is compatible with not only iOS and Android but with Windows devices as well. You can also sync it with you laptop or computer and tablet devices unlike most fitness trackers that are only compatible with smartphones. If you have a big budget then this fitness tracker would suit you.


So many people nowadays are sleep deprived which makes it wonder why sleep tracking has become rampant nowadays. With sleep tracking, you are able to find out how many hours of sleep you are getting every night. With that information, you can aim to increase it so that you can have enough sleep. Having a sleep tracker can also motivate you to sleep early. Once you have set your sleeping schedule, sleeping at night will be a breeze.

So if you are in a lookout for a device that can track you sleep, why not go with the Hotop668 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Activity Wristband HR SPO2. Aside from tracking your sleep, it also has other features that you will find very useful like the heart rate monitor, step counter, and calories burnt. This fitness tracker is also very affordable despite of its great quality. So do not be afraid to take that step to a healthier lifestyle by getting your hands on a sleep tracker.


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