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Ginsy Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband Review

Do you want to be more active and have a healthier lifestyle? Better do it with Ginsy Fitness Tracker. This product is a smart wristband that is designed to be a multifunctional fitness tracker. It does so many things so that you can seamlessly monitor your progress daily.

It is a pedometer with rich features that effectively measure distance, steps, and calories burned as you move or as you do your workout. Aside from this, it is also a good sleep tracker, monitoring the quality of your sleep at night.

Add to this, it also records your deep sleep hours, light sleep hours, and history sleep data. You can even set different types of alarms so that the tracker can wake you up or remind you to do an activity.

Moreover, this smart wristband also alerts you when there are incoming calls and new messages from different social media platforms. Just don’t forget to connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 to stay updated.

It is compatible with most smartphones like iPhone and Android;however, it does not work with Windows phones. The high-quality rechargeable battery can last for about 7 to 10 days at standby time and 4 days at operating time.


  • A multifunctional fitness tracker available in 4 colors: pink, black, blue, and green
  • Lightweight and comfortable for anyone to wear all day and night
  • Features a touchscreen display that is easy to read
  • Functions as a pedometer and a sleep tracker to help monitor your health
  • Tracks steps, distance covered, and calories burned
  • Features a camera remote control, good for taking group photos
  • Features applications such as Find Your Phone, Anti-Lost, and Sedentary Reminder
  • Alerts users of incoming calls, SMS text, and SNS messages from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Messenger
  • Monitors sleep, including deep sleep hours, light sleep hours, and history sleep data
  • Allows setting of different types of alarms for different types of activities
  • Vibrates to wake you up or remind you to do an activity
  • Includes a high-quality polymer rechargeable Li battery that guarantees long lasting battery life for about 4 to 10 days
  • Has a USB clip that is compatible with any USB outlets
  • Syncs with other devices such as iPhone and Android that supports Bluetooth 4.0 but does not support Windows phones


The existence of smart wristbands is a great help to those who want to stay fit and keep track of their progress. This is exactly the aim of the Ginsy Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband.

It seems like this is exactly what the buyers of this product are experiencing with its 4/5 stars rating on Amazon. While this rating is not as high as the other brands, satisfaction is still guaranteed.

Perhaps, this is the best fitness tracker you will get that is available for less than $25. If you are someone who loves cheap but high-quality products, this is the brand that you should look for. Aside from this, many people also love its features. Who would expect that it would come with a lot of handy features at a very affordable price?

To start off, it has a pedometer that tracks your every step as well as the distance you covered in a day. You can also trust that it will measure the number of calories burned. While you are sleeping, this device will function as a sleep tracker.

It will record the total hours of your slumber as well as your deep sleep hours and sleep hours. Thus, it records your history sleep data.

Like the leading brands, this one is also compatible with most smartphones and devices. You can sync it with iPhone and Android phones so long as they support Bluetooth 4.0.

Lightweight and made of a good quality material, this comfortable tracker will last for a week before it needs recharging. And when you do need to charge, just connect its USB clip to any USB outlets.


Most of the complaints regarding the product are about accuracy. While it can track steps and other movements, it is not always accurate. Same is true when activated while sleeping.

According to some customer reviews, the device does not display accurate records of sleep. Others also do not receive notifications for calls and messages even if it is synced to their device.

Unlike the leading brands, the lifespan of this product is shorter. A few people received defective trackers that last only a month. It may have lots of features, but it seems like they are only good for weeks.


For the price and gorgeous design, the Ginsy Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband looks desirable. It provides value for money for those looking for a cheap tracker. However, if you want a fitness and sleep tracker that will work for years, it’s better to invest in a more trusted brand.