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Fitness Tracker Ronten R2 Smart ReviewWhen it comes to reaching your fitness goals, this may be easier said than done. Instead of wondering about your calorie count and how you are doing for the day, rather make use of a fitness tracker that can help you.

Regardless of what your fitness goals may be and regardless of what fitness level you are at, a fitness wristband can end up being your best friend. We have recently discovered the amazing Fitness Tracker Ronten R2 Smart Bracelet that has seriously impressed us.

When it comes to choosing the fitness bracelet which is right for you, there are many products on the market. In fact the sports and fitness industry is overflowing with different fitness wristbands which watches which makes it very confusing and overwhelming.

Then you add in the technological aspect of things and it gets even more complicated and confusing. Fortunately for you, we have taken the time to do all the research for you. Today we will be providing you with some helpful and in depth information, which we hope will help you to make a more informed decision.


  • Fully compatible with most smart phone devices
  • Built in USB charging
  • Interchangeable silicone bands available
  • Can synch date and time and much more
  • Comes with remote camera control
  • Anti-loss theft
  • Waterproof of up to a meter
  • Has a built in sleep monitor
  • Notification alerts
  • Material is TPU high grade
  • Polymer lithium battery
  • Comes with a spare silicone replacement band
  • Contains a user manual


  • Very accurate at counting calories
  • Many added features
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Can track all your daily activities
  • Very easy to use
  • Interchangeable bands to match your outfits
  • Extra notifications like Facebook, alarm and call alert
  • Remote control photograph shooting from your screen


  • Instructions may be unclear
  • It does not pair correctly with all devices
  • Bands can get loose
  • It does not measure your heart rate
  • Some of the readings may be inaccurate


If you are looking for a fitness watch or wristband that will help you reach your goals then this product is certainly for you. In terms of design, you couldn’t ask for anything better, it is sleek and modern. Its extra interchangeable wrist band makes it a perfect fashion accessory.

You can choose your color based on your outfit. It is also water proof which makes it ideal if you are doing sports near the pool. If it falls in the water you will not need to worry too much about it malfunctioning. It has some really impressive features and if you use it correctly it most certainly will help you in reaching all of your fitness goals guaranteed.


We are very confident that the Fitness Tracker Ronten R2 Smart is an excellent product. We generally believe that it is one of the better fitness wristband products on the market. It has helped many people reach their fitness goals.

It is super easy to use which makes it perfect for everyone regardless of what your fitness levels may be. You can wear daily to count your calories. In addition it does so much more, that it really is a great device.

However in order to verify that it really is as great as we think it is we had to compare it to two similar products. We wanted to know how it would compare to other related products. We took considerable amounts of time and effort, ensuring that we gave each product a fair chance. We evaluated another two products on an individual basis. The two products that we decided to compare the Fitness Tracker Ronten R2 Smart to the Fitness Tracker MoreFit Slim Touch and the Fitness Trackers TopBest Remote.

Firstly the Fitness Tracker MoreFit Slim Touch is able to track your daily activity. It also tracks your sleep and has alarm capabilities. You can also choose to use it as a stop watch. Although it does not come with interchangeable bands, they are available to purchase in various colors. This device appears difficult to use. The technological side of things is not up to standard and has a tendency to malfunction.

Next we looked at the Fitness Trackers TopBest Remote which is a nifty little device. It comes with a built in USB plug so there is no cord needed. It is also waterproof, rain proof and even sweat proof which is very convenient. In order to pair the device you will need to download the App from the App Store or Google Play. Unfortunately the calorie count is not always very accurate. It seems to have many technological issues.

After having done a comparison we can safely say that the Fitness Tracker Ronten R2 Smart is the winning device. It has an impressive combination of features which the other two wristbands do not have. In terms of its abilities and functions it certainly is a winner in our books.


In order to make the comparisons, we did our utmost best in order to ensure that we took all aspects into consideration. We spent vast amount of time and effort looking at all the features. We ensured that we gave all three fitness trackers a fair chance. We took all their unique elements and attributes into account.

However the winner to us was definitely the Fitness Tracker Ronten R2 Smart Bracelet. In terms of technological functioning this device was the winner. It really does everything that it claims to do and it does not malfunction. It is designed extremely well and it successfully combines fashion with functionality. It has extra features and it is very durable.

In terms of longevity of the device, this is something that we needed to take into consideration. This fitness tracker was a sure winner. We also picked this fitness tracker over the others because it has provides you with the best chances of reaching all your fitness goals.


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