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Fitness Tracker Homogo Smart Band ReviewEven the fittest athletes need motivation at the best of times. For the average person who enjoys going to the gym and working out, it is not easy to stay on track. Being human means that we will lack motivation at times and we will need some help. Instead of making it harder for yourself to reach your fitness goals and dreams, rather invest in a fitness tracker which will help you to stay on track.

One of the fitness trackers which we think is a really good device is the Fitness Tracker Homogo Smart Band. This nifty device does it all and has everything you could ever need. It will do an excellent job to help you stay motivated regardless of what your fitness level is.

We understand that there are many different devices on the market. In fact it can all become very overwhelming. The technological aspects alone can become very confusing. Different wristbands may all have different features and specifications. Instead of stressing and trying to figure it out all on your own, we have done our best to do all the work for you. We hope that this useful information will help you to stress less and workout more.


  • Waterproof
  • HD display screen
  • USB charging no cables needed
  • Compatible with most smartphones which are blue tooth enabled
  • Records all your daily activities
  • Recognizes your sleep patterns
  • Remote camera control function
  • Notification alerts
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Records all your health data
  • Comes in different colors
  • Includes a pedometer


  • Readings are very accurate
  • Long lasting battery
  • Highly functional
  • Easy to use
  • Very easy to set up
  • Easy to pair and synch
  • Highly adjustable band
  • Sleek design


  • Difficult to read the display when you are in the sun
  • The battery life may be insufficient
  • Does not contain a heart rate monitor


This is the perfect device to use, regardless of what your fitness level may be. It is ideal for taking a walk, going to the gym or attending a fitness class. If you are a competitive athlete or a serious runner then this device is ideal for all your needs. If you are looking for a device that is going to accurately track all your calories during the course of the day, then this is perfect. You can fully adjust it in order to fit your wrist.

In addition it comes in various colors which is perfect for you to pick and choose. It has many unique features like the sleep quality monitor which can you keep track of and improve your sleep. This device is a sure winner for every fitness enthusiast.


When it comes to the Fitness Tracker Homogo Smart Band, we are confident that this is an excellent fitness tracker. In terms of features and specifications we are really impressed with this. However in order to ensure that this really was the best fitness tracker we could find, we decided to compare it to two very similar devices. We decided to fully investigate both devices in order to see how it compared.

When it comes to fitness trackers there were many attributes that we needed to take into account. It goes without saying that no one wants to purchase a fitness device which will end up breaking or not lasting. In fact we did our best to try to look at exactly what people would want in a fitness device, in order to make our decision. We decided to compare this fitness band to the Fitness Trackers TopBest Remote and to the Fitness Tracker Pedometer Watch.

Firstly with regard to the Fitness Trackers TopBest Remote, we really liked this fitness tracker. It also features a sleep monitor, notification reminder and it can record all your daily activity levels. In addition it also comes with a pedometer. This is a very light and easy to use device. Unfortunately it is not always accurate. The SMS message function and the camera has a tendency to malfunction.

Next we looked at the Fitness Tracker Pedometer Watch. This also has many similar features. It has the sleep monitor, the pedometer and the camera remote control. It has a long battery life and it is easy to use. The charger is also attached to the band and no charging cable is needed. This does not work with all the devices that it claims to work with. It also does not come with clear instructions. The counter itself seems to not always be accurate.

After doing this comparison, it became clear to us which was the winning fitness tracker. The winning fitness tracking in our opinion has got to be the Fitness Tracker Homogo Smart Band, In terms of functionality, style and features it stands out to us as the very best.


It was not easy choosing a winner, as all three of the fitness trackers seemed to be excellent. They all had very similar features. However we couldn’t help noticing that the Fitness Tracker Homogo Smart Band seemed to have extra features that the other fitness trackers didn’t have.

We also noticed that there were some technological issues with the other two. Fortunately the Homogo Smart Band didn’t have any of these issues. We were very relieved to see that from a technological standpoint everything was fully up to standard.

When it comes to fitness devices, there is no point in buying something that will not last. We wanted to choose a winning device that we would be sure would last for a long time. We are completely convinced that in terms of all three devices, the fitness tracker which will last longer will certainly be the Fitness Tracker Homogo Smart Band.

We also believe that this is going to be the best purchase for anybody who is looking to reach their fitness goals. It has everything that you could ever want or need and the spare silicone replacement band is a great extra. You won’t go wrong with this fitness band.


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