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Fashion Large Touch Screen Waterproof  Fitness Heart  Rate Tracker Review

How are your sleeping habits? Many scientists have been tracking our sleeping patterns for years and believe that a combination of healthy diet, low stress and exercise can help us to sleep better. However, in a world where we are constantly overwhelmed with different commitments and distractions, getting a good night rest can be a difficult task.

This is why the insights provided by a sleep tracker, which is usually available in a fitness tracker helps us to have a new perspective on how well we’re resting.

Gone are the days where fitness trackers only help you to track your steps. Today, fitness trackers can help you to personalize tips that can help you to transform your sleeping pattern.

One of the many fitness trackers available in the market is the Imoo house Fitness Heart  Rate Tracker. This fitness Tracker has come to the rescue because it helps you to solve the problem of the bad sleeping pattern through a high-tech sleep tracking technology.

Today, technology has come to the rescue by helping to track your heart rate, physical activities and monitor your sleeping habits. The additional insights that a fitness tracker can provide to your life can create positive effects on your mental and physical well-being.

Let’s have a closer look at how the Imoo house Fitness Heart  Rate Tracker is capable of improving your lifestyle.


If you already lead an active lifestyle, this fitness tracker helps you connect your GPS to your workout routes. Therefore, you can see an overview of your workout and the duration on the display of this fitness tracker.

For example, if you like to run, this fitness tracker can help you to map the route that you always go on for runs and it can display the overall performance of your workout. Easily take this fitness tracker anywhere you go, be it on land or underwater because it has a waterproof feature.

Regardless if you go swimming or wash your hands, you don’t have to worry about this fitness tracker getting damaged by water. Other functions that it can achieve includes displaying your heart rate, functions as a watch, alert you of incoming calls and text messages, as well as notifications from social media.

With these powerful functions, your fitness tracker can do multifunctional tasks using one device. If functions as a watch, heartbeat tracker, as well as your assistant to help you get through the day.

With all these functions, you would think that the battery of this fitness tracker would drain easily. In fact, it is the opposite.

It has a USB plug, which enables you to simply charge it using any laptop or computer which have a USB port. You no longer have to carry any extra cable to charge your fitness tracker.


  • Improve workout experience
  • GPS enabled to map workout routes
  • Highly water resistant
  • Functions as a watch
  • Alerts you in case of idleness
  • Receive social media alerts
  • Receive call and SMS alerts
  • Easy to charge
  • Multi-sport tracking
  • Powerful sleep monitor
  • Remote camera control


  • Manual instructions are poorly translated
  • Poor battery life
  • Does not sync well with mobile phones
  • Poor charging cable design
  • Sleep function is inadequate
  • Less intuitive
  • Step counting is not accurate


Whether you are running or swimming, take this fitness heart rate tracker with you because it can withstand different conditions. It is highly water resistant and the inbuilt GPS enables you to map your workout routes easily.

You can also have access to an overview of your workout performance and the duration of the workout. It is also highly practical for day-to-day use because it is also a watch and it can alert you of incoming text messages and calls.

This fitness track can also alert you of any incoming social media notifications which are a great touch to this device. In cases where you want to charge the battery, you can easily take the built-in USB plug and insert it to any USB ports you can find.

This way, you don’t have to carry an extra charging cable for your fitness heart tracker. It also syncs with an application which enables you to see real-time statistics for any types of sports that you play.

At night, it can help you to monitor your sleep progress by analyzing your breathing rhtym and heart rhythm at night.

During a social gathering, this fitness tracker can also help you to take photos because it also can control the shutter button for your phone camera. Enjoy a better workout experience as this fitness tracker can also control the music application in your mobile phone.


The Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch is another fitness Tracker which can be utilized on a day-to-day basis. It also has the capability of tracking different activities throughout the day. Using the monitor on this fitness tracker, you can see the calories you burned, distance traveled and the active minutes that you had throughout your days.

This is very similar to the features available on the Imoo house Fitness Heart  Rate Tracker.

It also helps you to automatically track your sleep duration and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your sleep. Similar to the Imoo house Fitness Heart  Rate Tracker, it also reminds you in case of any notifications on your social media or incoming texts and messages.

However, the Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch mainly functions to alert you of any alarms that you set. It cannot function well for a long period and this fitness tracker can easily break down.


Selecting the right fitness tracker comes with a difficult challenge because there are thousands of different fitness trackers available in the market. The Imoo house Fitness Heart  Rate Tracker provides an edge to a fitness tracker because it is a high-quality device which can help you to track your activities throughout the day.

With functions such as sleep monitor, GPS mapping system, high water resistance and multisport striking, it is simple to see why this fitness tracker would be a great addition to your lifestyle.


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