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DRILLPRO ID115 Plus Activity Wristbands with Heart Rate Monitor Review

There are so many factors influencing how long and how well you sleep. In order to maintain your health, you sure want to be able to improve the quality and the duration of your sleep and, this is where monitors and trackers come into the picture. Today, let us get to know this product DRILLPRO ID115 Activity Wristbands with Heart Rate Monitor and see if it matches your needs.

The common sleep monitors come in the form of a wristband so it can easily track your movements while asleep. They usually function as fitness trackers too since they can also track your heart rate and other activities that you do all throughout the day. Now, let’s get to know this DRILLPRO wristband more.

DRILLPRO ID115 Plus Activity Wristbands with Heart Rate Monitor: Will This Be a Smart Choice?

This smartwatch tracks your sleep quality and your sleep time. It also monitors your heart rate accurately when doing your exercises and other activities like the steps you have taken, your active minutes, your calories burned, your distance traveled, etc.


  • It tracks your daily activities
  • It is compatible with IOS and Android
  • It has a sedentary feature alert
  • It has SMS, call, and social media notifications
  • It has a music control and camera remote shoot
  • It works as a heart rate and sleep monitor
  • It has a GPS tracker
  • It has four clock faces
  • Its battery can be charged using a USB cable
  • It can be fully charged with one to two hours
  • Its standby time is five to seven days
  • It has 14 sports mode
  • It is water-resistant


  • It tracks your daily activities—the distance you ran, steps you’ve taken, calories you burned, etc
  • It can monitor up to 14 sports exercises like walking, running, trekking, spinning, treadmill, yoga, dancing, basketball, etc
  • It can be set to give you alerts when you receive SMS, calls, and other social media notifications
  • It monitors your heart rate while sleeping or exercising
  • It tracks your sleep patterns
  • It has a GPS tracker function to map your routes, distance, energy consumption, and speed
  • Its clock can be customized to four faces to match your style and taste
  • It is water-resistant


  • It does not track blood pressure and blood oxygen
  • It does not have a female physiological feature for pregnancy or menstruation alerts

Features Explained

This smartwatch wristband functions as a sleep monitor and a fitness tracker. It monitors your heart rate while you are exercising so you can adjust the level or intensity of your activities real time. It also tracks your sleep pattern and determines how long and how well they are so you can maintain the quality of your rest.

It has a sports mode and can trace 14 exercise activities like running, walking, trekking, hiking, basketball, badminton, spinning, treadmill, yoga, dancing, etc. It also has a GPS tracker which can map your routes, activity distance, average speed, and energy consumption.

You can also synchronize this smartwatch to your phone so that you can receive alerts for SMS, calls, alarms, and social media notifications. You can also activate the camera remote shoot and the music control. It also has a sedentary feature which alerts you when you are motionless for a long time.
Comparison to Other Products

The Kirlor Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker is a waterproof wireless Bluetooth wristband which comes with a replacement band for IOS and Android. It has a battery life of seven to ten days and a standby time of four days. It supports Android 4.4 or above and IOS 8.0 and above.

Other features work almost the same with the Drillpro tracker except for the Female Physiological feature which gives reminders for pregnancy, menstruation and additional related information. The activities recorded are up to 30 days so you can also go back and check the daily trend for a month.

The Homestec S4Plus Smartwatch is a blood pressure fitness tracker which also works for sleep management and heart rate monitoring. It measures and monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen.

It is compatible with IOS 8.0 and above, and Android 4.3 and above. Other features are similar to Drillpro and Kirlor but this is not water-resistant, and it does not work with dark skin-toned people.

Another similar product is the CAMTOA Heart Rate Monitor which is a waterproof and Bluetooth-ready wristband. It monitors your heart rate, your blood oxygen, and your sleep patterns. It has a notification reminder for SMS, calls, and other alerts; an anti-lost feature; a camera and music control. It is water-resistant but is not fit for surfing, swimming, or other sports.

The Verdict

After reviewing the features of this product and comparing them to the other units of its genre, can we say that DRILLPRO ID115 Plus Activity Wristbands with Heart Rate Monitor is the best option for you?

We can conclude that the product is a smart choice for you as it readily gives you the essential functions a smartwatch can offer at a reasonable and competitive cost. It also comes with advanced features for sleep monitoring and other fitness activities.
Meanwhile, the Kirlor Tracker has a capability of measuring your blood pressure too and can store data up to 30 days. This will give you access to your activities for the past 30 days which will show if you are actually trending okay or not so you can quickly make adjustments. It also comes with a female physiological feature which sends reminders related to pregnancy and menstruation.

On the other hand, the Homestec and CAMTOA wristbands can both measure your blood pressure and oxygen aside from monitoring your heart rate which gives you a broader view of your health status. Unfortunately, the Homestec does not work with dark skin-toned people for some reason. The CAMTOA is water-resistant, but it is not fit for surfing, swimming, or other water sports.

Overall, we can say that all four products will work in monitoring your sleep patterns efficiently as well as your fitness activities, but they each have competitive features which can make one better than the others. You just have to make sure to choose the one which fits your needs so you can enjoy the product and maximize all of its features.