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Best Wearable Sleep Tracker: Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Ever wondered if you’ve been sleeping well? We all understand, to some degree, how important quality sleep is for our health and the way we feel on a daily basis. We know it affects our mood and how productive we are throughout the day.

But how do we surely know if we’re sleeping well? In this article, we will talk about the best wearable sleep trackers to help you understand the quality of your sleep.

How else can we understand our sleeping patterns? Of course, we can go to medical professionals, get hooked up with electrodes and other sensors, but is that indeed a practical solution? It really isn’t something that most of us could even fathom.

This is why wearable sleep tracking devices are such an amazing option for us. They don’t really cost much, but they do offer incredible insights into sleeping patterns.

So let’s get right to it. We will take a look at three different wearable sleep tracking devices. Go through their features, pros, and cons, and try to figure out the best option we have among the three choices.

Best Wearable Sleep Tracker

3STN Fitness Activity Tracker

3STN Fitness Activity Tracker is a wearable activity tracker that also doubles as a sleep tracker. It features connectivity options that allow it to connect to mobile devices on the Android and iOS operating system.

It features the latest Bluetooth 4.0, which will allow you to connect to Android device operating on Android 4.4 and above, and iOS 7.1 and above.

The wireless activity and sleep tracker features all of the important features we look for in an activity tracker. It has a heart rate monitor, calories burnt estimator and also tracks the total distance we’ve traveled.

It will give notifications to its users if they’ve been sedentary for a long period of time. Aside from that, it can also serve as an alarm clock, which is quite useful since we would be wearing it during our sleep.

Aside from the features it offers, it’s quite practical as well. A fully charged battery can provide run-time up to ten hours, which means you won’t have to charge the device every other day.

It is also sweat-proof and water-resistant. So if you find yourself in a heavy pour, you won’t have to worry about damaging your activity tracker.


  • A small and stylish device that is gender neutral and ideal for kids as well.
  • Provides notifications for incoming calls and text messages as well
  • Has a mobile finder application along with remote camera shoot feature


  • It is available in only black color.
  • Does not connect to a computer or a laptop

iKustar Fitness Tracker

iKustar Fitness Tracker is a smart bracelet that helps us accurately track our physical activity and the quality of our sleep. Although it offers a number of features we associate with smartwatches, fitness tracking, and sleep tracking are the primary functions.

The smart bracelet features a high-quality heart rate monitor, a pedometer, which tracks every step we take and also records the total calories we burn throughout the day. Not only is it an excellent way to track and measure our daily performance, but it is also an excellent motivating factor when it comes to our fitness and health-related goals.

The device also provides its users with regular notifications related to their fitness goals, which is an excellent reminder to be more physically active. Since the smart bracelet syncs with smartphones, it can act as a watch and also as an extension of our smartphones.

The fitness tracker has an IP67 waterproof design, which means you won’t have to worry about the device while you wash your hands or if you find yourself outdoors while it’s raining. It has an OLED touch display screen, which will provide you with clear visibility even outdoors in bright sunlight.


  • IP67 waterproof design
  • It has its own unique and intuitive mobile app called, GloryFit.
  • Features a high-resolution OLED touchscreen


  • Working time of three to four days, which is a bit short for recent fitness tracker models
  • The smartwatch records and displays distance in kilometers and cannot be changed to miles.

Ikeepi Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Unlike the previous two fitness trackers, Ikeepi Fitness Tracker is a smartwatch designed specifically for activity and sleep tracking. Its most prominent feature is that it supports multi-functional sports tracking and not just tracking the total steps we take throughout the day.

It offers all of the features we’ve come to expect from most smartwatches and activity trackers. The device automatically tracks our heart rate, total calories burnt and distance traveled.

Its standby screen displays time and weather display. You can also use it to control your music playlist and use your mobile’s camera remotely.

Moreover, it has something called the anti-lost feature, which allows you to find the smartwatch using your smartphone or find your smartphone using the smartwatch. Its multi-sports functionality allows you to switch its activity tracking modes to accurately track your physical exertion while playing different types of sports.

The smartwatch has a concealed mini-USB port, which allows us to charge the device using a PCA charger or a USB charger. When fully charged, you can expect the device to last for up to seven days.

The device is dustproof and waterproof, so you rough up the smartwatch during your workout sessions without worrying about damaging the watch.


  • A multi-functional sports smart band that doubles as a smartwatch.
  • Supports multiple sporting activity tracking modes
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Its sensors are a bit sensitive and can accidentally enter the menu due to hand movements.
  • Does not come with its own charger
  • The multi-sport feature does not support swim tracking.

Final Verdict

All three of the fitness trackers and smart sports bands offer quite a bit in terms of features and functionality. You can expect each of them to provide you with accurate records of your physical activities as well as information on your sleeping patterns.

However, Ikeepi Fitness Tracker Smart Watch stands out from the rest. It isn’t a simple activity tracker instead it supports multiple different types of sports and is the best wearable sleep tracker.

Despite not supporting swimming, it still is an exceptionally smart sports band, and you should definitely consider it as your new fitness companion.


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