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Best Smartwatch for Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking devices can be quite fascinating, especially for the inquisitive. It can provide some really interesting insights about the time we spend sleeping. It can even be important as we spend a huge chunk of our life sleeping. According to estimates, we spend around a third of our life sleeping. So, if you’re looking for a sleep tracking device, chances are you’re looking for the best smartwatch for sleep tracking.

It’s common knowledge that a proper diet, regular exercise and low stress are foundational requirements for a restful sleep. But how do we know if all of the requisites are in place for us to get a good night’s sleep? Hence, the need to monitor sleep. The insights we can learn from monitoring our sleep can help us make the necessary changes to induce a restful sleep and live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features you would want from your sleep tracking device.

Things to Look For in a Sleep Tracking Device

Let’s briefly go over some of the things that narrow our search for the best smartwatch for sleep tracking.

Accuracy and Expectation

Despite the mind-boggling rate of technological progress, there are still some significant limitations to sleep monitoring technology. This is why it is important to have realistic expectations. Rather than expecting to replicate a professional sleep study device, it would be more sensible to expect a broad picture of our sleeping patterns

Personal Sleep Assistant

A great feature to look for is a sleep coach. These apps can act as a wonderful motivator and even encourage us to pay attention to our sleeping patterns and induce us to make those changes we’ve been thinking about.

Actual Sleep

A lot of times we find ourselves lying in bed completely stationary, maybe trying to fall asleep or just watching a movie in bed. A tracker may not be able to distinguish between sleeping or just lying still in bed. So, you’d want a device that not only tracks movements but looks at other vital information such as heart rate, etc.

TwobeFit Fitness Tracker

The TwobeFit Fitness tracker is a multi-sports activity tracker. It offers 14 different training modes for different forms of physical exercise such as jogging, dancing, tennis, football, yoga, etc. Aside from monitoring our training performance, it also tracks all forms of physical activity and heart rate throughout the day.

Its water resistance ensures that you won’t have to worry about getting it wet while you wash your hand or when you get caught up in the rain. It also functions as a sleep monitoring device. It tracks our heart rate as we sleep to determine the quality of our sleep, allowing us to better understand our sleeping patterns and the quality of our sleep.


  • It tracks different types of physical activity from sports to strength training.
  • It monitors heart rate as we sleep to determine the quality of our sleep.
  • It offers GPS integration, which can allow us to map our jogging history.
  • It can connect with our phones and alert us if we receive a call or a text message.


  • It is not compatible with tablets, desktops and laptops.
  • It offers a very simple display menu and needs to be connected to a smartphone in order to view the data it collects on our physical activity.

Toobur Slim Fitness Tracker Watch

Toobur Slim Fitness Tracker Watch is an all-day fitness tracker that also doubles as a sleep tracker. It has a bright LED display, which upon a quick tap will display the current date and time. It is designed to constantly track every step we take, perpetually recording the total distance traversed and the total estimated calories burnt, all of which can be seen by tapping the LED screen.

The fitness tracker can connect with any smartphone and alert us when we receive a text message or a call. It can even give reminder alerts for, let’s say, remember to walk or some other reminder. The tracker watch is available in three different colors, namely, black, blue and pink.


  • The tracker watch is quite aesthetically pleasing with a slim and stylish design and weighs only 18g.
  • As an all-day tracker, it tracks every single step we take and calculates the estimated calories burnt throughout the day.
  • It can even remind us to be more active if we’ve been sedentary for a greater part of the day.
  • Its display screen can switch between date and time display, to steps taken and calories burnt with a simple tap of the LED display.


  • It offers an incredibly basic display menu, displaying nothing more than date and time, and steps taken and calories burnt.
  • It does not connect with most computing devices other than smartphones.
  • Does not offer much in terms of tracking different forms of physical exercise other than steps taken.

Dawo Fitness Tracker Watch

Dawo Fitness Tracker Watch is anything but a simple activity tracker or a sleep monitoring device. As a sleep monitoring device, it can accurately monitor effective sleeping time, meaning, it can differentiate between light and deep sleep. After gathering all of the data on our sleeping patterns, it provides the information in a visually appealing and statistically significant manner, which will give you greater insight into the quality of our sleep.

As a fitness tracker, it goes even further. The tracker can differentiate between different types of physical exercise such as strength training and running. It does this by monitoring our heart rate based on statistical inferences, which allows the device to determine the physical state we’re in. The watch can even be used in a swimming pool but with some restrictions. For example, it can be used for a period of half an hour at a water depth of less than 33 feet.


  • Automatically learns the type of physical exercise we’re doing based on statistical inferences.
  • It can accurately differentiate between light and deep sleep and provide us with actionable information on our sleeping patterns and quality of sleep.
  • It can be used, though to a limited degree, in a swimming pool.
  • It has a 0.66-inch full touchscreen with a sophisticated display menu.


  • It is a little heavier and bulkier as compared to most other activity and sleep trackers.
  • It has to be connected to a smartphone to check all of the information in greater detail such as charts and graphs.
  • It does not directly connect to a computer or a laptop.


Based on all of the information we’ve covered on all three activity and sleep tracking devices, there is no doubt as to which of the three is the best smartwatch for sleep tracking. However, this is not to say that the other two are inferior in any way. Instead, they are intended to be used as simple all-day activity trackers and nothing more.

If you’re searching for the most accurate way to assess the quality of your sleep and analyze your sleep patterns, then, Dawo Fitness Tracker Watch should be your first and only choice.


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