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Best Heart Rate and Sleep Tracker

People are now more aware about the importance of heart rate and sleep trackers. To help you have an idea on what to look for, below is be a list of fitness trackers that has abilities to monitor your heart rate and sleep.

LEMFO Fitness Tracker

Here are some reasons why you should buy the LEMFO Fitness Tracker:

  • It is a versatile fitness tracker that lets you manage a lot of different information such as sleep, heart rate, and calories
  • This fitness tracker is waterproof and can be worn when raining and even swimming


The LEMFO Fitness Tracker is from a company that specializes in smart watches and smart brands. They have carefully researched on what people would want and need in their devices. Below is a list of features this fitness tracker has:

  • Multiple Health Information: Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Distance Movement, Calories Counter, Sedentary Alert, and Trajectory Tracking
  • Bluetooth Controls: Music (play, pause, and switch songs) and Camera
  • Can Track Multiple Sports: Treadmill, Jumping Jack, Sit-Up, Running, Bicycle, and Jumping Rope
  • Other Features: Alarm Clock, Timer, Schedules Alert, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp Push Notifications, Phone Finder, Anti-lost, Fota Upgrade, SMS and Calls Alert, and Gesture Wake-up
  • Wide Compatibility: Can connect to most smart phones with Bluetooth 4.0 running on iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.3 and above


As previously mentioned, LEMFO Fitness Tracker works with most smartphones. As long as it has Bluetooth 4.0 and runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above, and iOS 7.0 and later. Once you get a hold of the fitness tracker, make sure to download the app i-Fit on Google Play or App Store. You can also download the app by scanning the QR code. This watch is also waterproof. It is safe to wear even on rainy days, when you are going swimming, and washing your hands. However, it is important to note that this is not fit for diving and also on hot water.


This fitness tracker is definitely a great buy. It has all the features you would want to have in a fitness tracker. However, there is no option to pair it to a 12-hour setting and would require military time. For those who are not used to military time, this may be a problem.

Other Reviews

99% of the reviews from this product are positive. What people loved the most about this is that it can track a lot of exercises not available on well-known brands. People also raves about how accurate this watch is. Most users also agree how beautiful and elegant the design of this watch. They can easily match it with whatever they are wearing on a daily basis.

FUNBOT Smart Bracelet IP67

Here is an overview on why you should buy this fitness tracker:

  • This watch can track unique information that most fitness trackers can’t like blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and fatigue data
  • It has an easy to awake screen option


The FUNBOT Smart Bracelet IP67 is really one of the best fitness trackers in the market. It has features that are very helpful if you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Below is a list of its features:

  • Multiple Health Information: Fatigue Data, Blood Pressure, Calories Burnt, Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Step Counter, and Blood Oxygen Level
  • Camera Remote Control: Take pictures with just a click or shake on your tracker
  • Pusch Notifications: SMS, Calls, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp, WeChat, and more social media sites
  • Sharp Hour Setting: You can set your watch to track your heart rate, blood pressure, fatigue data, and blood oxygen at a sharp hour basis
  • Other Features: Tracks Battery Capacity, Time, Alarm, Distance, and Wrist-up Light


Like other fitness trackers, the FUNBOT Smart Bracelet IP67 is very easy to use and install. Simply install the free app Wearfit on the App Store or Google Play, or by scanning the QR code on your phone. It is compatible with any smart phone that has Bluetooth 4.0 and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and above or iOS 8 and later. This fitness tracker also has IP67 which is a waterproof feature and will let you use your watch while swimming and other water sport except for diving.


This inexpensive has a few drawbacks. It is not very durable and does not last long as other fitness trackers. Some of the information it provides are not that accurate as well especially on blood oxygen levels.

Other Reviews

The reviews from this fitness tracker are mostly positive. What users rave about it is that the step counter and heart rate monitor are accurate. They also love that this watch is very comfortable to wear. On the other hand, some of the people who bought this does not like that the free app crashes a lot.

Runme Fitness Tracker

Here are some reasons why you should get your hands on this fitness tracker:

  • It has a direct USB charger so you won’t need to use a charging cable anymore
  • It can filter unnecessary movements to give you more accurate information


The Runme Fitness Tracker is definitely a great option. It has features that are very helpful for those who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. Here are some more of its features:

  • Records Multiple Information: Running Paths, Cardio Fitness Level, Multiple Sports, Heart Rate, Sleep, Distance Travelled, and much more to explore
  • Other Features: Weather Forecast, Time, Guided Breathing, Multi-style Dial, and Timeline Pattern
  • Built-in USB charger
  • IP67 Water Resistant


When you get your own Runme Fitness Tracker, make sure to fully charge it before using it. Also download the app on the App Store or Google play on your smartphone. This fitness tracker is compatible with any smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 that runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and above or iOS 7.1 and above.


This fitness tracker has a few downsides. Some of its features aside from the step counter are not working well. There would be times that it will not start or the information it records are inaccurate. Another not so great thing about this is that it is not that easy to use.

Other Reviews

The Runme Fitness tracker has a lot of positive reviews. The people who uses this loves how the battery lasts a very long time. Another thing that most people rave about is that they don’t need a USB cable to charge this watch as it comes with a built-in charger.


Out of the 3 fitness trackers, the best would have to be the LEMFO Fitness Tracker. It has all the necessary features one would want in a fitness tracker. It has a simple design and smart functions.


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