Why Should You Buy A Sleep Tracker

Sleeping is two-thirds of your life. Yes, you need it more than coffee or other activities you like to do in order to stay sane. You need it to be excellent in everything that you have to do.

Keeping track of your sleep enables you to keep track of your day to day activities whether personal or social. Notice how a good sleep can boost your mood? That’s just one of the many benefits of getting the right number of hours in slumber.

If you are curious about how well you sleep at night, you can resort to visiting a sleep professional. But that would cost you more than a hundred bucks, especially if you are suffering from a sleeping disorder. A cheaper and most convenient way is to buy a personal sleep tracker.

The market offers a long list of brands, claiming they’re each the best sleep tracker when it comes to monitoring sleep. Reading all this can cause strain because of so many specifications and terms that you might have never heard before.

Others might still be apprehensive about the idea of investing in a sleep tracker. This article aims to convince you why you should buy this amazing device by providing all the information you need to know.

How does a sleep tracker work?

Most sleep trackers today have wrist actigraphy, a measuring tool that can be worn. This device is capable of recording the movement of a person wearing the sleep tracker through a measuring device called accelerometer.

The science behind the actigraphy is this: the device recognizes a particular amount of body movement to the state of being awake and asleep. For example, if you are still while sleeping, the actigraphy does its function, monitoring how long you are asleep and other sleep-related measurements.

Compared to a Polysomnography, which is the standard of measurement used by sleep professionals, the actigraphy is more convenient to use. One of the issues concerning the Polysomnography is that the patient is not able to sleep normally because of the apparatus in his or her body and around 20 electrodes on the head. When people wear the sleep tracker with actigraphy, he or she will be able to sleep comfortably for a week.

How accurate is a personal sleep tracker?

The actigraphy has been used by experts for more than 30 years. According to the 2011 research of Martin and Hakim, the wrist actigraphy is useful for assessing sleep in a natural environment than in a clinical setup. It is accurate in many ways but people should not rely solely on this.

Researchers said that actigraphy or sleep trackers, in general, are accurate in estimating time of sleep, measuring sleep percentage, and calculating the time after sleep. However, there are limitations in using this. Many have found out that actigraphy can mistake being motionless for being asleep while in fact, the person is just lying still while awake. This case often happens to those with insomnia.

So, if there is an issue with accuracy, why should you still buy a sleep tracker?

There may be limitations in using a sleep tracker, but it does not mean it is not useful. Like other gadgets for help, this technology is still evolving and thus has a huge potential to improve in the years to come.

One good example of innovation is the sleep trackers found in fitness trackers. This combination of functions enables people to further improve their health since getting enough sleep and doing exercises are two of the common things you should do to be healthy.

Aside from this, other sleep trackers also added applications that can help you focus on improving your sleep. Other features also teach people how noise, light, and temperature are factors that affect your sleep.

Some even allow you to record your activities and log in the food you eat throughout the day. In other words, sleep trackers are amazing devices to those who are suffering from insomnia, as well as to those who are looking to improve their overall wellness.





  Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband + Sleep Monitor  $$  4.3/5
  Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker  $$  4.3/5
  Ginsy Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband with Touch Screen Sleep Monitor  $  3.7/5
  Antimi Fitness Tracker,Smart Watch IP67 with Sleep Monitoring  $  3.6/5
  Fitness Tracker,TIHON Sport Wristband with Multi-Functions Activity Sleep Monitor  $  2.7/5
  Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker  $$  3.9/5
  Fitness Activity Tracker, 11TT YG3 Sports Bracelet Calorie Counter/Sleep Monitor  $$  4.2/5
  LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smart Bracelet with Sleep Tracker  $  4.4/5
  Bietia Wireless Fitness Tracker Pedometer Sleep Monitoring  $  4.5/5
  Eight Sleep Tracker  $$$  4.2/5

Top 5 Best Sleep Trackers and Fitness Tracker

The best sleep trackers are found in fitness trackers. The following products will prove this claim true, showing you how they can effectively help you in living an active and healthier lifestyle. All of them have an average rating of more than 3.5/5 stars. However, they vary in price and features. Read their reviews and find out which of them will suit your preference.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband (US Version)

The Fitbit Charge 2, which is today’s best-selling brand on Amazon, succeeded the brand’s Charge & Charge HR. Reviews will tell you that this latest version is better in many ways.

This smart bracelet is more than just a sleep tracker, but a fitness tracker as well. It is good at monitoring your sleep automatically, detecting your sleep and awake time. It also has a silent vibrating alarm that is good enough to wake you up and not disturb anyone.

Of course, it also does a good job in monitoring your day to day activities and fitness progress. It has the PurePulse, an automatic wrist-based tracker for heart rate that also measures everyday calorie burn.

Aside from this, it also shows heart rate zones such as fat burn, cardio, and peak so that you can maximize your workouts. This is because the wristband has SmartTrack, which is an auto exercise recognition application.

With the personalized Cardio Fitness Score, you will see how you have improved over time. Simply connect the tracker to GPS during run mode. Then check your stats such as pace and distance right on your wrist.

Aside from this, also recommends a personalized guided breathing sessions that are based on heart rate the See all the things you need through the easy to read OLED display, the screen which also shows your call, text, and calendar notifications. Just remember to sync it with your iPhone, Android or Windows devices.

This high-quality wristband with an elegant design will track your all-day activities and help you manage them seamlessly. These and more are the reasons why people are buying this for less than $150.


  • Provides great value for money
  • Include features good for monitoring sleep and tracking fitness progress such as SmartTrack and personalized breathing sessions
  • High-quality wristband that lasts for years
  • With up to 5 days of battery life


  • Sizing of the wristband is too long
  • The silicon wristband sticks to the skin when wet
  • Vibration is weaker as compared to the previous version
  • Relatively higher than other brands

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

The second sleep tracker on the list also comes from the same brand. The Fitbit one provides good value for money If you are looking for a fitness and sleep tracker that is less than a hundred bucks. Despite the design that is unlike any other, the product still receives positive reviews because of its performance.

Overall, this product will help you live more actively, sleep well, and eat smarter, which are the most important things that you need to do to be fit. As a sleep tracker, you can give it an outstanding rating for it is good for measuring the quality of your sleep automatically.

Like the first one on the list, this also has a silent alarm feature, so you will be able to wake up without disturbing your partner. Aside from this, it also diligently tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and even how many stairs you climbed. This way, you can monitor your fitness progress better and set new goals.

The clipping design of the tracker allows you to clip it to your clothing or keep it in your pocket. However, it could also be a little inconvenient, unlike the wristband style trackers today.

Moreover, it can also work in sync with your other devices such as computer, smartphones, and tablets. The stats will be uploaded wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 so you can check your daily progress anywhere.

Lastly, the product also allows you to log food and workouts and other activities. You can view all these through the OLED display.


  • OLED display is big and bright enough for reading the time accurately
  • Monitors how long you sleep and how many wakeful interruptions you experienced overnight
  • Features a silent alarm that wakes you without disturbing anyone


  • A small and clipping tracker has higher risk of getting lost while running or sleeping
  • Instruction for using it as a sleep tracker is confusing
  • Not accurate when it comes to monitoring other activities such as weightlifting and biking

Ginsy Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband

If you are looking for a cheaper brand, you might as well try the Ginsy Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband. Though it is less than $25, you can guarantee satisfaction as you continuously wear this.

According to the manufacturer, this product is a smart wristband that is designed to be a multifunctional fitness tracker. It has the same functions as the leading brands that help people monitor their daily activities, sleep quality, and fitness progress.

As a sleep tracker, it is good at monitoring the quality of your sleep at night, recording your deep sleep hours, light sleep hours, and history sleep data. With this, you can even set different types of alarms so that the tracker can wake you up or remind you to do an activity.

Meanwhile, the tracker also functions well as a pedometer. It is rich in features to effectively measure distance, steps, and calories burned as you move or as you do your workout. In addition, you can also use it for setting reminders so that you will be alerted to a particular activity that needs to be accomplished.

And if you always need to be updated on your social life, make sure to connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. After so doing, your wristband will alert you when there are incoming calls and new messages from different social media platforms.

Also, operate your camera remotely through your wristband to take photos using the camera remote control feature. You can do all these so long as you have smartphones like iPhone and Android. Lastly, the high-quality rechargeable battery can last for about 7 to 10 days at standby time and 4 days at operating time.


  • Lightweight and comfortable for anyone to wear all day and night
  • Affordable and only costs less than $25
  • Features applications such as Find Your Phone, Anti-Lost, and Sedentary Reminder
  • Monitors sleep, including deep sleep hours, light sleep hours, and history sleep data
  • Easily charges with a USB clip that is compatible with any USB outlets


  • The device does not display accurate records of sleep
  • Not as durable as the leading brands

Antimi Fitness Tracker

Another affordable tracker on the list is the Antimi Fitness Tracker that can be bought around $40. Its price is not the sole reason why people are buying this tracker, but also its promising features.

Since a good sleep is a great factor for having a healthy body, the company made a tracker that will effectively monitor the quality of your sleep at night. Aside from this, it also has the task to keep a record of your sleep data and history.

Like any other fitness trackers, this one also comes with a built-in pedometer to calculate your steps, distance covered, and calories burned. It will count all the steps you will take, whether you are running or simply walking.

Aside from this, one unique feature of this bracelet is its ability to monitor your blood pressure and blood oxygen. This is something that other brands do not have. In fact, this smart bracelet will track your heart rate throughout the day.

Set the alarm for your wake-up time or set different alarms for other activities you need to do in a day. The tracker will vibrate to wake you and remind you of the activities so you won’t miss a thing.

Just remember to download and install the free Wearfit app onyour smartphone and connect the two devices via Bluetooth. The tracker is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones that support Bluetooth 4.0.

Through this feature, your devices will be synced, allowing you to check fitness progress anywhere. Like other trackers, this one will also alert you to incoming calls and messages from your phone.


  • Affordable and available in stunning colors
  • IP67 sweatproof and waterproof smart band
  • Monitors blood pressure and blood oxygen


  • Not as durable as the more expensive brands
  • Complaints with the bracelet being hard to put on
  • Not compatible with Windows phones

Tihon Sports Wristband

The Tihon Sports Wristband may be the least popular among the five onthe list, but it certainly has what it takes to be considered as one of the best sleep trackers and fitness trackers. It does everything the leading brands are capable of.

One of them is to give you insight about how well you sleep at night. The product is a good sleep tracker, detecting the average heart rate automatically. Of course, you can also use this as an alarm clock or alert for other activities.

Just set up the time and activities and your wristband will remind you of all the things you have to do. Furthermore, the Sedentary reminder application that will recognize if you’ve been sitting for too long, suggesting you do some activities.

Aside from this, the wristband will also monitor your steps, distance, and calories burned while walking, running, and doing other exercises.

In addition, it will also automatically monitor your heart rate every 15 minutes. Sync the right app to your smartphone so you can see your heart rate and test data clearly.

Other functions include GPS positioning, call and messages reminder, SNS reminder, and Anti-Lost. It even has a remote control feature that allows you to take group photos easily.

All these can be viewed on the OLED screen with exclusive touch key. Lastly, sync your sports wristband with Android and iOS smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0.


  • Functions as a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and a sleep tracker for better health monitoring
  • Affordable and easy to wear
  • Features a camera remote control, good for taking group photos
  • Monitors sleep, including deep sleep hours, light sleep hours, average heart rate, and history sleep data


  • Automatic function for monitoring sleep is not accurate
  • Issues with defective wristbands that only last for weeks


Sleep trackers and fitness trackers are the best ones because they offer useful features to help improve your overall health.

Not only will you have access to your sleeping patterns and wellness but also to your fitness progress as well. These products are helpful to those who are looking to be more active while keeping things organized.

The prices, design, and durability vary in each item. So, it all goes down to your preference. Therefore, the best sleep tracker is the one that suits your style, needs, and budget.